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Recruiting Information
The Canadian Ski Patrol seeks new recruits throughout the entire year. We've prepared information for you to read here on this website that we hope will lead you to a decision to join the ranks of the many thousands of volunteer ski patrollers across Canada.

If you are interested in joining the Canadian Ski Patrol System, fill in our Volunteer Patroller Form using the links below.

Why Join the Canadian Ski Patrol?
Everyone has his or her reason for joining. It may be that you like to help people in need. It may be that you like to have a reason for being on the mountain. Maybe it's that you want to become a better skier or that you're looking to meet new friends. It may be that you wish to eventually become a pro patroller knowing that volunteer patrolling is a great way to achieve your goal.

Where do you want to patrol?
The Canadian Ski Patrol services most mountains across Canada. This recruiting information presented here is specific to British Columbia.

The mountains we patrol in Southern British Columbia are:

Don't see your mountain or area in the above list? We don't provide ski patrolling at all mountains. If you wish to patrol at a non-CSPS mountain, you will have to contact the mountain yourself. Sorry, we cannot do that for you.

We receive some funding through the Province of BC Gaming Commission